Coleman Pool Pump Upgrade

A Guide for Coleman Pool Pump Upgrade

Is your Coleman pool filter pump a little tired? Coleman is known to be a quality brand that provides an effective pool pump for your facility.

The brand’s pools are known for having filters that are a bit small to ensure that they remain competitive on the market. Thus, if you are having trouble with your Coleman pool pump, it might be the right time to do that upgrade.

A Guide for Coleman Pool Pump Upgrade

Features to Look for When Upgrading

You might have an idea of Coleman’s filter pump that you want, but there are a few things that you should keep in mind. These features can make the difference between making a successful upgrade and a failed one.

1. Above or Inground Pool

Do you own the best above ground pool or inground one? Are you anxious about fitting pumps for them? Please don’t worry! It is easy to do that for both inground and above ground pools. Although you can easily interchange, it is advisable to get a pump that was made for an above or inground pool.

2. Horsepower

A powerful filter pump comes with more horsepower – it can easily circulate the water, and that lets you operate it for a short period. However, when making the upgrade, it ensures that the model you choose can handle the existing filtration systems and filter pipes.

A pump with lots of horsepowers can damage a small filter.

3. Pool Size

A more powerful filter pump can be ineffective for a small swimming pool, which will waste energy and cost more. Ensure that you choose a model that won’t strain your pool’s system when upgrading your Coleman pump. 

4. Pump Motor Voltage 

A pool pump can require a power outlet to plug into or be hardwired into the pool’s electrical system. Know the amount of voltage you have before choosing a more advanced filter pump.

Besides, you should find out if the latest version operates on 110v or 220v. Most of Coleman’s products work on 110v to suit the needs of most above ground pools. 

Why Upgrade Coleman Pool Pump

You can save power and time when you upgrade your filter pump with a more efficient model. That is because you don’t need to operate it for hours to ensure that your pool is clean.

As an example, most energy-efficient pumps use up to 45% less energy compared to previous versions. You can be surprised by the amount of money you can save during a season just from using power more effectively.

The latest models have also been shown to last longer than the older version since they are made using better technology. What you get is value for your money as you don’t need to keep on replacing them regularly.

Another thing that should make you consider upgrading your Coleman pool pump is the fact that they are easy to install. These gears come assembled to ensure that you take less time when placing them in your pool.

In Conclusion 

There is a lot of Coleman pool filter pumps out there that you can choose from when upgrading your tired system. These models are more efficient and won’t cost you much.

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