How to Install a Happy Bottom Pool Pad

How to Install a Happy Bottom Pool Pad

A pool and spa stores, you can get everything you need when replacing your pool liner. Before you install the liner, you should consider adding a padding material first to protect it from punctures and provide a soft footing. 

One such product you can add is happy bottom pool padding or pad. Here is a guide on how you can install it, but before that, let’s look at what this pad is all about.

What is Happy bottom Pool Pad?

It is foam based swimming pool pad that is made for above-ground swimming pool installations. The product of high-quality polyethylene foam of 1/4 -inch thick.

There are a lot of benefits that you can get when you choose this padding for your swimming pool floor. They include:

  • Vapor barrier – It functions as a vapor barrier that keeps water away from your pool’s metal parts, which can easily corrode.
  • Smoothing out – Another benefit of the happy bottom pool pad is the ability to smooth out the bottom to give you a flat and more attractive surface. 
  • Prolong liner life – The pad can also add years to the liner and your swimming pool. 
  • Minimize punctures – It also ensures that your pool liner doesn’t get punctured easily.
  • Heat retention – Another benefit is that it allows your pool to retain more heat.

How to Install Happy Bottom Pool Pad

How do you install the happy bottom pad for above ground swimming pools? Here are the steps that you should follow:

Step One

Clear the pool area as instructed in your above ground swimming pool installation guide. Get rid of all rocks, sticks, and other material from the surface that can damage your pool.

It might be necessary to make use of a sod roller or tamping tool to get a smooth, level, and firm surface to place your pool.  

Step Two

Cut your happy bottom pad into two parts – 2 feet longer than your pool’s diameter.

Step Three

Place the two pieces of pads next to each other. You should place them on a clean ground, such as a driveway or garage. 

Note: The number of pieces will depend on your pool’s size.

Step Four 

Use sure seam tape to seam the pieces together and ensure that the foam is tight against each other. You should apply this tape on one side.

Note: Don’t overlap the pieces.

Step Five

After taping the foams together, now flip them over so that the tape can be on the bottom side. 

Step Six

Place the taped foam in the middle of where you intend to install your swimming pool.

Step Seven

Start to assemble your above ground pool on the foam sheets. 

Note: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when doing that.

Step Eight

Install the pool cove and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  

Step Nine

Trim the excess foam after you are done installing your swimming pool. You can use a knife to do that.

Final Words

You can use a happy bottom pool pad to shield your above ground pool from water and punctures. It is also very easy to install this barrier. 

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