Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid Review

Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid

Pool Essentials is a brand that keeps your swimming pool clean and clear throughout the year. It does that by providing you with great pool products that are effective and affordable. 

One such product is the Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid that I have come to love over the years. You might be wondering why? Continue reading to find out about my experience with this liquid.

A Complete Review 

Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid

Pool essentials chlorinating liquid is a must-have cleaner if you own a swimming pool. My facility started to turn green, and I tried all types of shocking material with no success. 

I tried the pool essentials liquid, and within two hours, my best above ground pool was clean as new. I was amazed to see the change that happened fast.

And what even made me like the product is the fact that it didn’t leave any chemical or breach smell behind. I would recommend this chlorinating liquid to anyone who wants to have a clean pool at a reasonable price.

What Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid Does?

The product had killed all the bacteria and algae in my swimming pool. One thing you should note is that the chlorine is compatible with salt-systems and is free of calcium – no possibility of depositing minerals in the pool. 

Since it comes in a huge one-gallon jug, it can easily maintain your swimming pool for a whole season, depending on the size of your facility. I also like the fact that one can use the product every day or weekly to ensure that you enjoy a clean pool. Read more about the best robotic pool cleaner on the market.

The product is recommended for all types of pools and doesn’t cloud the water. That means you can jump into your pool almost immediately after adding the chlorinating liquid.

How to Use Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid 

You would be violating the law if you used this liquid in a manner that it was not meant to be used. You should also note that the liquid degrades over time.

Another thing you should note is that you will need a chlorine test kit when using the product to ensure that you add the required amount. 

Swimming Pool Disinfection

When disinfecting your pool, add 13 fl. Oz of Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid for every 10,000 gallons of water to hit one ppm. That volume can easily maintain 1.0 to 3.0 ppm in a stabilized pool and 1.0 to 3.0 ppm in an unstabilized one. 

To super chlorinate or start-up (shock treating) a swimming pool, add 64-128 fl. oz. of the liquid for every 10,000 gallons of water to enjoy 5 to 10 ppm. Don’t enter your pool until the level drops to 4.0 ppm. 

Ensure that you add the liquid during the night and leave the filter and pump running. Test the water in the morning and add more if necessary. 

In Conclusion 

Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid is an effective product that you can use to shock your pool. It helps to remove algae and bacteria, leaving your facility disinfected, clean, and clean. The product is easy to add to a pool and is affordable.

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